Friday, January 29, 2016

Cyber Bulling

Are you or have you ever been a victim, perpetrator, or both, of cyber bullying? In today’s society it seems to be normal for someone to attack or be attacked over the Internet. It’s a lot easier for people to hide behind a screen rather than talk to someone in person.
When I get online, wherever I go, there are always people arguing back and forth. A simple debate of differences of opinion is fine until threats or derogatory remarks are made.  Although I don’t think one age group is guiltier of cyber bulling more than another, I do think that cyber bullying happens more on social media than anywhere else online.
Cyber bulling is constantly being swept under the rug. A lot of times no one speaks up about it until something is said or done outside of the online world. Some schools have policies about cyber bulling. Even if nothing occurs on campus, some schools will still take disciplinary action once the bulling is brought to their attention. Other campuses will only take action if the bulling occurs during school hours. It is the schools responsibility to inform not only the students, but also their staff of their cyber bullying policy. Every workplace has their way of dealing with cyber bullying. It is also a workplaces responsibility to inform their workers of their policy. In either of these places, if cyber bullying occurs, disciplinary action should be taken, so that everyone knows it will not be tolerated.